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Interview Preparation

Engage in realistic AI-powered mock interviews to hone your skills and explore curated courses to enhance your skills.

Recruitment Hub

Utilize our user-friendly Resume Builder to craft a professional resume that helps in being hired by recruiters effectively.

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AI Interviewer

A cutting-edge tool that challenges you with real-world questions, enhances your skills and confidence for actual job interviews.

  • Realistic Simulation
  • Preparation on Demand
  • Diverse Interview Scenarios

Placement Point

Forge your path to success with our exclusive placement opportunities with top-tier companies, ensuring your career ascension.

  • Career Advancement
  • Industry Connections
  • Competitive Edge

Resume Builder

Create a polished resume effortlessly using user-friendly templates that helps in landing your dream job in more easy way.

  • Effortless Customization
  • Guided Success Path
  • Professional Templates

Personalized Roadmap

Start your course to mastery with our platform's dynamic learning roadmap, tailored paths that ensures an efficient journey.

  • Structured Learning
  • Clear Milestones
  • Efficient Progression

Video Resume

Video Resume brings you a complete game changer, seen as a revolutionary shift in paradigm that’s taking the placement industry by storm. AV formatted CV’s, comes with an amazing set of advantages.

  • High-Quality Video Resumes
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Speed and Efficiency
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Naukritube designed
for Revolutionize Recruitment.

  • Efficient Hiring Process

    It efficiently evaluates candidates' responses, helping recruiters identify the most promising talents and saving valuable time in the screening phase.

  • Access to Skilled Candidates

    Companies gain access to a pool of candidates who have not only undergone mock interviews but also mastered new programming languages. This ensures a more qualified and skilled talent pool for potential recruitment needs.

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Explorer Plan

49 9/ Interview

One Free Interview

Zero cost & affordable services to get you started very soon.

  • Only 5 Q&A Interactions
  • Only Low Level
  • Get minimal Real-Time analytics
  • Recording
  • Acutal Anwsers
  • Suggestions

Achiever Bundle

149 99/ Interview

All-inclusive access to interviews, learning paths, analytics insights, and premium placement features

  • 5-10 Q&A interactions
  • Recording

  • Actual Answers

  • Suggestions
  • Detailed Interview Report
  • Levels of Interviews

Master Pro Plan

249 149/ Interview

Tailored for dream job interviews, practicing interviews, and tracking progress.

  • Upto 20 Q&A Interactions
  • Access All Interview Types

  • Recording

  • Actual Answers

  • Suggestions
  • Detailed Interview Report
  • Levels of Interviews
  • Complete & Detailed Real-Time analytics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Our Platform:

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Our AI Interview Bot is an advanced tool designed to simulate real interview scenarios. It poses challenging questions to help users, both students and job seekers, prepare thoroughly for actual job interviews.

The Learning Roadmap is a personalized guide to mastering new programming languages. It offers a structured path, allowing users to progress through essential concepts, set clear milestones, and align their learning with specific career goals

Our intelligent analytics system offers detailed insights into your interview performance. It tracks strengths, areas for improvement, and provides real-time metrics, empowering you to enhance your interview techniques strategically.

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(2700) Positive Rating

Artificial Technologies

Customizations with our AI:

First, simply input your text into the platform. This can be any type of written content, such as blog posts, articles, or marketing copy. Create a spot-on match of the voice you like with Murf. Customize the voice by adjusting pitch, tone, speed.

  • Emotions
  • Speech-To-Text
  • Text-To-Speech
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  • Comprehensive Interview Preparation
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